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To showcase my work tell my story, and enhance my online presence including the services I offer, which are featured on the site I established my own personal website. It gives me a chance to meet new people, pick up new skills and show the world who I am and what I can do. I am excited to continue developing it as I go forward since it shows my devotion to development and self-expression.

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About My Own Website

I am thrilled to say that, under the guidance of Haris & Co. Academy, I developed and built my own personal WordPress website. They provided me with excellent guidance and support, and I produced a unique and useful website that properly represents my mission and brand. In addition to giving me useful skills this experience has allowed me to express my creativity and uniqueness on a digital platform. I now have a professional web presence that I can be proud of, thanks to the expertise and guidance offered by Haris & Co. Academy.